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Underwrite &
Underwrite &
Underwrite & Search & Docs
Bespoke options to order
Simple user management interface including
Fully hosted online service/system
Branded Log in page for registered users including facility to remember previous log ins / Forgotten password / Register
Create, manage and remove logins
View users activity and enquiries
Full application data capture        
Links to property comparable sites
Link to google map (street view)        
Data retained for a number of months so brokers can revisit/ re-underwrite old clients when criteria or client circumstances change
Underwriting engine
Standard income calculations
Property Type
Adverse credit including unsecured credit
Detailed lender rules
Quick Quote or detailed quote facility
First and second charge comparison        
Adjust fee
Recalculate APR and repayments
Standard CCA early settlement examples
Early settlement calculator for specific requests
Plan filters
Decline reasons
Up sell and down sell indicators
Refinement guides to indicate different loans terms to make affordability fit
Near miss filters showing out on equity/income
Filter by product type Interest only/ Fixed
Can show initial/reversionary plan repayment/APR
Document Printing
Pre-completed loan documents    
Legal Charge / Mortgage deed / Standard Security    
DDM / Standing order    
Pre-completed loan application form    
Compliance audit showing declined/alternative plans with reasons why    
Optional pack builder including standard letters    
Sample watermarked version of documents available    
Integrated credit search and auto underwrite
Integrated single credit search across multiple lenders and auto underwriting of credit score, CCJ’s Defaults and Payment profile    
Option for broker to view credit search and CAIS data online within underwriting window and manipulate outstanding credit to meet affordability requirements    
Management of search data including override credit details e.g. Balance, repayment, settlement value, exclude from underwriting, set as satisfied, set profile string (mortgages)    
Outstanding/consolidated summary information including cash in hand value    
Add credit accounts not on credit search    
Refine credit search applicant name matching    
View electoral roll data    
Loan acceptance decisioning based on credit search and score made behind the scenes    
Bespoke options
Cut down data capture for less refined results – E.G. quotation and document production only        
Personalised data capture - add/remove fields        
Full Income and expenditure calculation and associated underwriting by lender        
Auto lender needs driven by underwriting policy        
Case notes and diary facility        
Email templates for easy broker updates        
Letter templates        
Integration to lender back office system        
Integration in to and from broker systems        
MI suites        
Broker management dashboard to view and interact with broker on individual cases        
Option to view broker enquiries to look at referrals etc        
Broker CRM module        
Activity dashboards